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Gotta say,
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pretty tasty
for you.


Broken Shed Vodka is not only ahead of its time, it’s ahead of your time. That’s because it’s made in New Zealand, where it’s already tomorrow.*

Pretty neat, huh? Just like a crisp, clean glass of our vodka, distilled with the purest New Zealand mountain mineral water, spring water, highest-quality distilled whey, and nothing else.

Cheers to Broken Shed New Zealand Vodka. Cheers to you. And cheers to tomorrow.

(*Unless you’re in New Zealand, in which case tomorrow is already today. But go ahead and pour yourself a smooth glass of Broken Shed for being so ahead of your time yourself.)

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It’s today in North America.

When it’s tomorrow in New Zealand...

Two Waters

Two Waters from the Distant Past Combined With Whey of the Slightly More Recent Past And The Thinking of Tomorrow.

When you’re crafting The Vodka of Tomorrow, you make sure it tastes ahead of its own time, too.

We start with 15,000-year-old mineral-rich aquifer water from New Zealand’s South Island, blended carefully with filtered spring water from its North Island.

Then we combine it with a unique spirit borne from whey and distill it three times for maximum smoothness.

And that’s it. Because with ingredients this pure, you don’t need anything else.

New Zealand

From the land
where tomorrow begins

Broken Shed Vodka is made entirely in New Zealand, a far-off land full of wonder. Or, if you live in New Zealand, it’s a very nearby land full of some pretty good stuff, really.

Broken Shed came from a conversation on the shores of Lake Wanaka in, funnily enough, a broken shed. We’ve grown a lot since then, but our dedication to bottling the best of New Zealand remains the very same.

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